Everything you need to get up and running with the i-Ticketz API. Basic concepts are talked about here, so please keep reading.


To get the most out of your experience, register for an API or log in to your account now. We’ll render links in examples and code samples into active link using your own API Key. If you prefer to jump right into the APIs and make live calls, check out the API Explorer.

We currently offer event discovery and commerce APIs with various access tiers. Upon registration and obtaining your API key, you will be able to access our Discovery and Commerce APIs instantly. Using both APIs allows you to create a meaningful event discovery experience for your fans.

Note: The International Discovery API is currently being consolidated with the Discovery API, therefore we recommend that developers plan to use this single service for access to global events.

Our API chapters.

  • Ticket Scan API
  • Ticketshop API
  • Affiliate API
  • Venue API
  • Artist API
  • Event API