i-Ticketz  Was founded by young professionals who are committed to provide you with the most comprehensive online events platform in the Netherlands!

Combining the many aspects of your online business, together with the dedication of our professional account managers, we give you the ultimate online platform for your complete online business!

What have we combined?

It's more we have not combined; So here we go : 

Website which acts as an additional point of sale next to your own site(s).
Webshop which can be hosted on your own affiliates & social media website for single and / or multiple events with secure ticket sales through IDEAL, PayPal and more. Of course, totally customizable! Sell on chair number possible!
Guestlist Deluxe which allows to send free and / or paid invitations including guests for your event.

Scanning solutions for events among the 1500 people with our own scanapp; And for larger events with our portable handscanners.
Check our ScanApp for Android: http://tiny.cc/03y5gy & Apple: https://appsto.re/en/tWr0fb.i Note: i-Ticketz organizer account is required.

Door-selling solutions are possible through our own POS kassa system which gives you control of door sales and produces tickets with scanning code.
Security. As we are delighted of our systems, our cloud is also safe and protected by the security of Windows Azure. We also carry the "Weet waar je koopt" certificate.




Social Media is something we also do extra, so we contribute to your online promotion when you send images and texts to us.


Send us a mail, if you want to know more of our capabilities!

Why are we doing this?

Well, why not? Nice branch, nice places to visit, we meet nice people and we just have a lot of fun! Oh yeah, of course, we simply have a lot more to offer you!

What does is cost me??

For event organizers, it's totally FREE, including mobile scan app for Android & Apple!

Your event visitors pay service / transaction fees.
Onze standaard tarieven zijn 0,48 eurocent voor tickets tot 10 euro en 0,88 eurocent voor tickets daarboven.

Transactiekosten zijn per eenmalig per bestelling 0,52 eurocent ongeacht aantal tickets.
Tarieven zijn inclusief BTW en tarieven floor seating op aanvraag via info@i-Ticketz.com of je account manager!