Andrea Oliva


Andrea Brueder

The journey of Andrea Oliva from first hearing music to becoming a fast rising DJ Talent is an organic one, from hearing music as a 13 year old to a 16 year old learning to DJ and working in a record store. As he began to build a collection of the most upfront promos and white labels from Europe and beyond, he soon secured bookings at Switzerlands top clubs leading to residencies at Terminus, Pravda and Pacha Zurich and soon led him to the front door of Luciano’s Cadeza Records.

Andrea’s love for music saw him team up with local club kid and owner of Basel’s Nordstern, Agi Isaku, as they threw sold-out ‘Banditz’ parties across Switzerland. His reputation soon took him across the continent and all the way to Ibiza when he was first invited to DJ at Space and debuted his first release in 2004 on Swedish imprint Joia Records. As he began to forge a sound, he started releasing tracks on Viva Music, Saved Records, Be As One, Hideout, Moon Harbour, Soweso and Cadenza.

Party Agenda van Andrea Oliva